HOW SuperStik Works

Typical OEM Dipstick Readings

Photos provided by a SuperStik customer.

Accurate & Repeatable Results with SuperStik

Photos provided by a SuperStik customer.


How Does a Dipstick Work-

All modern vehicles must utilize a sealed crankcase due to emission standards that date back to the mid 1970’s.  Because of this, all OEM dipsticks have an o-ring or seal on their base that seals off the dipstick tube from the outside atmosphere.  While this o-ring/seal does do its job of keeping crank case vapors out of the environment as well as keeping things from getting into your oil pan, it also causes problems when you go to check your oil level.  When The OEM dipstick is inserted and removed from the dipstick tube , that o-ring/seal moves a small quantity of air up and down the dipstick tube.  This column of air can greatly affect the reading you get on your OEM dipstick blade.  This is evidenced by inconsistent results, hard to decipher dipstick readings and worse of all inaccurate readings of your vehicles oil levels.

How Superstik Works-

The SuperStik solves this problem by incorporating a patented internal valving system that allows the dipstick o-ring/seal to do its job when you are not checking your oil but also allows you to properly vent that troublesome column of air by simply pushing a button.  With the SuperStik you can safely and quickly vent the dipstick tube while checking your oil and get accurate, repeatable results EVERY TIME.  Guaranteed.


The SuperStik allows you to do more than just ensure you have the proper amount of oil for your engine.  It can give also you a better insight into the overall health of your vehicles engine.

A lot of car owners have a considerable amount of time and money invested in their cars.  They use their vesicles dipstick to let them know how healthy their vehicle is and offer some assurance they aren’t on the verge of a large rebuild expense.  The standard practice is to set a baseline “oil full” measurement when the oil is freshly changed because we know exactly how much oil is in the engine at this time.  A measurement is taken and from that point forward all future measurements for the current oil change interval are referenced to that original measurement or baseline.  You can quickly infer if your car is using oil and if so, how fast.  The problem is, when you use an instrument to measure your baseline that cannot repeat, such as the OEM dipstick, it is nearly impossible to get a clear picture of what’s going on.  Often times people will change their oil, set a baseline measurement and then some weeks later check their oil only to find the car has more oil in it than when they started.  How is this possible! They’ll ask.  The honest truth is it’s not.  You just can’t trust the OEM dipstick to be repeatable.  If you cannot trust your instrument to repeat, then all measurements taken with it are independent of one another.  It’s impossible to reference one to another.  Therefore, each data point is independent and you cannot track the results to glean any meaningful information.

The Superstik IS repeatable.  It will accurately repeat the same measurement every time for a given amount of oil in your pan.  When you set a baseline full measurement with a SuperStik, you can rest assured that any future measurements can be accurately referenced to it.  Now you have a critical engine health diagnostics tool that will give you the peace of mind knowing your pride and joy is healthy.  It can also let you know something is wrong and allow you to deal with the problem sooner.  This can save you a lot of money and heart ache in the future if the problem escalates or causes other problems as they most often do.


How to use your SuperStik Dipstick

Installation Video

How to Install your SuperStik

Installation is easy.  SuperStik is a direct OEM replacement so no tools are needed.  You simply remove your current dipstick and insert The SuperStik.

Instruction Video

How to Check Oil with your SuperStik

1 – Allow you car to sit for at least 15 minutes to allow the oil to settle and the engine to cool down.
2 – Remove The SuperStik from the dipstick tube.
3 – Wipe the blade clean with a soft rag or cloth.
4 – Insert the blade back into the tube WHILE holding the vent button down.
5 – Insert until fully seated.  Remember to keep the button pressed.
6 – Remove the SuperStik from the tube.  Once the SuperStik handle is removed from the tube you can release the button.
7 – Check your oil level.  This is the most accurate reading you will get.