Pulled the stock stick out… one side was correct, the other made it look like I had an extra inch on the stick. Put the SuperStik in, pull it out… PERFECT reading on both sides of the stick on the very first pull. I challenge ANYONE to get that close to perfection! GENIUS IDEA… GREAT PRODUCT!

We all know how crucial it is to have an EXACT display on our oil sticks because it’s literally the “lifeblood” of our motors, “built”, or “stock”. This patented o-ring sealed venting dipstick handle gives you just that… an EXACT READING EVERY TIME!!! Not only that, but when does an anodized colored part not look killer when you pop your hood?
If you have a car, you should get this. If you have a nice car, you should get this. If you have a REALLY nice “built” car.. you NEED TO GET THIS!

THE SMARTEST INVESTMENT FOR YOUR MOTOR YOU’LL EVER MAKE. How much did you spend on your car? How much on your build? You have car insurance, right? GET MOTOR INSURANCE. Would you race someone if you were a quart low? Don’t take that chance… Here’s your insurance plan and all you need to do is put it in!
This particular dip-stock has an amazing feature, namely, that the handle has a built-in valve that deletes the ultra annoying effect of smeared oil levels when you pull out the OEM dip-stock.

Maybe that is not important to some out there, but for us (and our customers) it’s critical!